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Zion horseback ridingZion National Park is Utah's most popular national park for horseback riding tours. If you plan to do any horseback riding in or around Zion, let Zion Ponderosa Ranch be your base camp. We offer great horseback riding tours as well as a myriad of other Zion National Park activities. All horseback rides at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort are conducted by East Zion Adventures. Our horses are carefully chosen and trained to match the wide variety of guests that visit the resort. It is important to let your wrangler know about your past riding experience so he can team you up with the best horse possible. Many of the rides on the ranch are steep and demanding so it is important for our horses to be young enough to make the climb, as well as obedient for safety. On a horseback riding adventure at Zion Ponderosa your guide will never be far away. Our horseback riding tours are not suited for children under eight, however we do offer pony rides for young children who also want a taste of the old western experience.


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