All horseback rides at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort are conducted by East Zion Adventures. Our horses are chosen and trained to match the wide variety of guests that visit the resort. It is important to let your wrangler know about your past riding experience so he can team you up with the best horse possible. Many of the rides on the ranch are steep and demanding so it is important for our horses to be young enough to make the climb, as well as obedient for safety.


Trail Rides

Checkerboard Overlook Ride
This ride is mainly flat and takes approximately one hour. Riders traverse the plateau which overlooks Checkerboard Mesa in the Park. Many species of natural trees and shrubs line the trail. Riders see Checkerboard Mesa from a number of different views. Photo taking is encouraged. This is an easy ride for beginners and a good warm-up for old timers.

Jolley Gulch Ride
Jolley Gulch is a cool, tree lined ravine that is home to large ponderosa pine trees and an old homesteader's cabin that dates back to the beginning of the 1900's. Jolley Gulch ends at the Cave Canyon dryfall, a spectacular 300 foot cliff in the Park that is home to a small stream following thunderstorms. Riders can cross through the Gulch to the Park fence where they tie up their horses. Guests can then walk the additional 50 yards on foot to the stunning dryfall. This ride is excellent for beginners or more experienced riders and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Pine Knoll Ride
Pine Knoll is the highest point in the Southern section of the ranch and boasts an 360 degree, panoramic view of the East Zion area. The trail up the face of Pine Knoll traverses narrow spine fractured limestone and red sand. The horse knows the way, so sometimes its best to close your eyes and hold on! Plenty of time is taken at the top of the Knoll for some great photo ops! The deep canyons of the Zion Narrows can be viewed to the west, with Checkerboard Mesa to the south and the 10,000 foot peaks of the Dixie National Forrest to the North. This trail ride is not for beginners but can be enjoyed by anyone who has a few rides under their belt.

Overnight Ride
For guests that want to experience a taste of the real Wild West, Zion Ponderosa can arrange an full-day ride with an overnight camp-out. The ride begins in the morning with an ascent over Pine Knoll. Riders then explore the remote sections of the Ranch, including the remnants of an old sawmill and a deep canyon called Englestead Hollow. The afternoon is spent riding through thick trees and shrubs en route to the camp located in a quiet campground in the far northern section of the Ranch. The evening will be spent playing games, eating a real Dutch oven dinner, singing campfire songs, and listening to cowboy poetry. Guests will sleep in tents under a beautiful, star-filled sky. After a chuck wagon breakfast, shuttle vans will transport guests back to the resort where the hot tub awaits! This ride is offered only during the summer months and must be scheduled in advance.

Pony Rides
Kids under eight years old are too young for the horses but they will love our pony rides. Ideally suite for the beginners, our pony rides are led by wranglers and are very safe.


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